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Prices - How much will it cost? My pricing is charged by the hour, and it also depends on how much automation is involved in the task.
For example...
A virus scan can take 30 minutes to 1 hour, but it does not require my attention.
While updating drivers may take 15 minutes, but it will require all my attention.
My base price is $35 an hour. If I am not able to resolve the problem at your place, I might have to bring your computer back to my house.
Computer services vary greatly from one task to the next, so it is hard to identify the price. My Prices are as Follows Below...

Shane's Computer Service ™®

Customer to Provide Windows/Programs Product Keys  

1. Diagnostics Charge "FREE" or $25.00 if you decide to take your system elsewhere
2. Windows Install - Basic $65.00
3. Windows Install - Plus Printer/Scanner $75.00
4. Data Backup & Restore $35.00
5. Computer Cleaning $10.00 or Included with other Services
6. Email Setup $10.00
7. Virus Cleanup $35.00
8. Adware & Junkware Cleanup $35.00
9. Pickup & Delivery $20.00 - Fort Erie (Surrounding Area)
10. Upgrade Labour/Per Hour $35.00
11. Data Recovery $125.00
12. Out of Area Fuel Surcharge $20.00
13. Cellphone Unlocking Service - Varies by Phone Brand and or Older/Newer device
* 14. Ask about Cellphone/Smartphone Repairing/Unlocking/Software upgrading/Rooting & Jailbreaking...
Seniors Discount $10.00 off Most Services 
Warranties will be taken care of by me, I will do the RMA paperwork and package the item, Customer to pay the shipping to destination. 
* No Warranties of any kind on Cellphone/Smartphone work... 
Original Software Warranty “60 days” From time of Pick up
This Means I will Reinstall Windows Back to Day 1 (Same way it left here)
Any software that you have installed after it left will NOT be restored.
Also it’s up to you to have a GOOD BACKUP of your DATA or an Extra Charge (Above) will be applied!  -
  Prices Effective DEC 1st/2020